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What's unique about the Kaiju SE Headlights for the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

If you're a fan of our Freedom Retrofits, you may be interested in the latest release of our FJ Cruiser lineup of headlights. The Alex Kaiju Headlight Special Edition for the FJ Cruiser is a limited-edition headlight that pays homage to one of the first styles of headlights ever built by myself and the Freedom Retrofits Brand.

The light was built for a gentleman named Alex Nguyen, one of the first fellow FJ Cruiser owners in one of my Facebook groups, “FJ Cruiser Nation,” to reach out to me because he saw I had started to retrofit headlights. At the time, I had built maybe five headlights over half a year. This was when I was still living in my parent's basement and attending community college.

Since then, the company has produced over 600 custom headlights for FJ Cruiser owners, serving various customers with their unique and stylish designs. Alex Nguyen has remained a loyal customer, regularly sending pictures of his rig to help promote the company's business and lights.

To honor Alex Nyugen's contribution to the company's success, We’ve named the Alex Kaiju special edition FJ cruiser headlight after his FJ Cruiser. This limited edition headlight pays homage to the first styles of headlights that the company started promoting, making us who we are today.

I appreciate the FJ community more than you could ever know. You guys are the best, and I can’t wait to show you the cool new stuff I’ve made for our community of FJ Cruiser enthusiasts.