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What's the update on my headlight order?

All orders are custom made and will take time to process before we can get to your order. Headlights are built near the end of the lead time so any photo progression will only be able to be provided in the last week or two of the order. If you need to contact us about the progress of your order, kindly contact us near the end of the lead time. 

I need something custom built for my vehicle that's not listed on the site

We take on custom projects all the time, and our website will be constantly updated with new products and ways to order. If you want something custom that is not listed feel free to shoot us an email of a message on any of our social media and we will take care of it. 

How hard is it to wire the halos on install?

It depends on the vehicle but in most cases, it is not hard at all. For most of our Toyota headlights, we have the only plug-and-play halo harness on the market that makes for a seamless install. 

Can I return headlights?

All orders are custom made and we do not accept returns. 

How can I contact Freedom Retrofits?

Our customer service can be reached at: or by phone at 262.261.8121.

What is the current lead time?

For our most up-to-date lead time information please visit our lead time webpage. 

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