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Freedom Retrofits

Durable and constructed to take a beating, our retrofitted lights will light the path and break the darkness. We know our customers love pushing the limits of their vehicles on and off the road. That’s where Freedom Retrofits has your back.


Every light that leaves our shop has our stamp of American pride and goes through multiple inspections to ensure that when you receive our product, it will serve you for many years. If you’re ripping through sand dunes, driving through forest trails, and trekking through snowy mountains, we will light the way and break the darkness.

Services & Customizations

Don’t like the look of chrome? Let us paint your headlights to match the style of your vehicle. If It’s a sweet blacked-out look or a body paint color match, our paint finishes will be exactly what you're looking for. 

Adding halos, demon eyes, or drl strips to your build couldn’t be easier. We mount all our accessory lights so that you don’t see any crazy wires running through your headlight. Simple and clean is how we do things.

Want lens custom projector lens etching? Not to worry, we can design and create custom etchings for light as well.


We guarantee our powerful Bi-LED projectors in our headlights will have will never have you squinting at the road again. Unlike other headlights, our Bi-LED projectors are the next generation of automotive lighting. Designed to have a crisp cutoff line and a long-lasting LED, you won’t have to change out these bulbs every few months like other aftermarket options.

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We have perfected the way to mount either Baja or Diode Design lights into your headlights. This is for the true fanboys out there who want to add a subtle fog light or a full flood lens into their light for night trails or wicked weather conditions. If it’s a sleek S1 or a full squadron, ask us to see if we can make it work for your rig.

Let's go a step further

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Custom Taillights

Have a taillight project? Not to fear, we can do that too. Together we can design, color match, or print something unique so you have the best booty at the car meet.

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