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What are ditch lights and which ones do I get?

Ditch lights, are additional “off-road” lighting sources mounted on the front of a vehicle. These lights are typically installed on the A-pillar, roof rack, or bumper, and are aimed to illuminate the sides of the vehicle, providing better visibility during off-road excursions, nighttime driving, and hazardous weather conditions.

Many off-road enthusiasts and professionals rely on ditch lights to enhance their driving experience and increase safety. Here are some reasons why ditch lights are important and their functionalities on a vehicle.

Improved Visibility

Ditch lights are designed to provide better visibility during off-road driving, especially when navigating trails in the dark or in low-visibility conditions. When installed on the A-pillar or roof rack, they can be aimed to illuminate the sides of the vehicle and spot potential obstacles, rocks, and dips in the terrain, which can help prevent accidents and damages to the vehicle.

Enhanced Safety

Ditch lights can significantly enhance the safety of the vehicle by improving visibility and alerting other drivers to the presence of the vehicle on the trail. When used as auxiliary lights during nighttime driving, they can illuminate the sides of the vehicle, increasing visible to avoid damage and hazardous conditions. This can help reduce the risk of accidents, especially in poorly-lit areas or in low visibility weather conditions.


Ditch lights are highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes, depending on the driver's needs. They can be used as spotlights or floodlights, providing illumination over a large area or focused on a particular point. This versatility makes them useful for various activities, such as navigating low light trails, camping, and off-road racing.

Aesthetic Appeal

Lets admit it, ditch lights can also add to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, providing a rugged and aggressive look that's highly desirable among off-road enthusiasts. With various mounting options, shapes, and sizes, ditch lights can be customized to match the driver's preferences and vehicle style, enhanc